Increase your Lone Workers Safety (Infographic)

Lone Workers are a crucial aspect of todays security world. Take a look in the following detailed infographic from regarding Lone Working risks, types, working situations and policies to increase their safety level.

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5 features of a perfect guard tour system

There are of course many different guard tour management systems, each one carrying its own features that compose its functionality. The choice between the different systems should be based however on certain factors that will define the success or not of the system and how much it could help the company (guards and managing staff) upgrade their services.

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QR-Patrol video presentation

What if you could manage all of your assets remotely and ensure their protection level in real-time? 

QR-Patrol guard tour monitoring system can do it for you! Arm your guards with a smartphone and QR-Patrol application, attach checkpoints on your clients' buildings and login!

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The 8 necessary items of a security guard equipment


A bad workman blames his tools

Do your agree with the above quote? Despite the fact that it is in general true, the bad tools can also ruin a good workman's will!

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